Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 9

Day 9 began peacefully and quitely in the town of Panachel at our villa where all 37 team members lodged together.  It was a grab and go kind of breakfast as many of us were off on a boat tour this morning around Lake Atitlan.  First stop was a little remote town of San Jaun to walk the village and see how they create their own threads, fabrics and products.  It is so labour intensive -w e all could really appreciate their hard work, and many of us bought our souveniers from the ladies of this town.

Next stop was the hot springs of Lake Atitlan!  The water was so hot that it would burn your skin!  It was a really bizzarre sensation though, I must say, as waves of cold lake water would come in and mix with the heat and give you a bit of a shock now and then!  The hot springs are created by the intnese volcanic gases put off by the surrounding volcanos around Lake Atitlan.  It was absolutely rejuvenating, and none of us were ready to leave.

Back to Panachel for lunch and then some went off to the market, to barter and buy, and others went fishing or rather harpooning for the afternoon.  The weather was fantastic, which was great as it made up for our lack of success harpooning dinner.   Good thing there were restraunts in this town for supper!

Our last night, with a dozen people still down sick, we had dinner out as a team to celebrate our successes and committment to the people of Guatemala.

Our night was a fairly early one, as departure time for the airport tomorrow is 5:30am.

See you all soon!

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