Saturday, May 1, 2010


We arrived safely to Antigua last night, after an hour delay in Miami.  72 of our 74 suitcases of supplies arrived with us.  Dianne, Bill and Tim drove us from the airport in Guatemala City through rush hour traffic, in what is supposed to be 3 lanes of traffic, which was more like 5 lanes of traffic.  It was very stressful keeping all the vehicles together, watching for the motorcycles weaving in and out of the stopped lanes of traffic.  If ever there was mayhem - we experienced it last night!!

After arriving we were treated to pizza and then we were off to sort.   We sorted all of the suitcases into daily activities and supplies for the clinics. Everyone was extremely tired, so we retired by 10.30. 

The people are extremely friendly.  This morning we were up at 5 am, breakfast at 5.30 and off to a volcano hike for the day today.  Rainy season has arrived, but it is warm and humid about 70 degrees.  The time change is 2 hours behind home. 

We are staying at a very primitive hostel, 4 bathrooms for the 15 of us.  Hot water on occasion, no electrical outlets and rooms only big enough for a bed.  Doug is thankful for the coffee - as it is very GOOD!  Casa Jacaranda is very clean, very friendly  and very kind to have coffee and tea for us first thing in the morning.

Everyone is extremely excited to explore, and get to work.  There is a lot of anxiety and excitement - our work week starts tomorrow! 

Thanks for reading - will post more later!


  1. Good news that everyone is well and happy. Love to all John "BOY"

  2. Hey Gang,
    So glad all is well. We are extremely proud of you, all of you. Stepping outside your comfort zone to help others, God's will be done!!!
    Our prayers are with you on this life changing mission may all your dreams come true.
    In Love and Light,
    Suzanne, Barry, Canyon and Faith xoxoxoxoxxoxox

  3. It's great to hear that everything is well.

    We are all thinking of you and are proud of the efforts you are making for all of us who can't be with you. We are with you in spirit.

    All the best in the days to come. We will be watching these pages with great interest.


  4. Great to hear from you. Glad to hear all went fairly well. God must have been with you driving through the city. :-) I hear its horrendous. All the best to everyone there. Give our Kate a hug and kiss.

  5. Enjoy the ride. Thanks for making a difference. You can do it!!