Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday in Guatemala

Today had a surprise start for the team.  The early risers found there was no power!  This of course means NO COFFEE/NO SHOWER.  To pass the time until the others woke we went for a walk around town.  We had a full breakfast prepare luckily on a gas stove and off we went to start our assigned projects. 

One group went to the school in Parrojas and played soccer, taught crafts (friendship braclets) and games. We worked with more than 100 children. Brian brought the parachute game that was an extreme delight for the children.  Doug came back with lovely red fingernails. Thanks to Afrisoccer who donated 4 sets of soccer uniforms for this school!
The other group went to the property and cleared a land that will have a green house built on it.  We regrouped at lunch and enjoyed sharing our morning experiences.  Still no hydro!  

In the afternoon we split into two groups again.  One group went to the property and continued clearing the land and sorting and assembled the sewing materials for the sewing workshop scheduled for tomorrow.  If there is power.  The other team went to a build a home project for a Mom, Dad and five children.  They mixed cement and poured the floor for the new home.  The recipe for the cement was: 13 wheel barrels of sand, 8 wheel barrels of rocks, 6.5 bags of cement mix.  This was mixed by shovel and poured into a plank wood frame 12’x18’x3”.  We worked hard and steady covering the pad with tin just before the skies opened with rain.  This will have to dry 24 hours.  

At the end of the day we all arrived home dirty, tired and hungry.  Still no power.  We gathered again and shared our stories from our afternoon while our house Mom Carmen cooked our supper meal.  We gathered by flashlights to begin our meal and after the grace including a request for hydro God heard our prayer and we had lights!  Our meal was delicious once again.  

Taking advantage of the hydro many headed for the showers.  To complete our evening we sat together and drafted this update for you.  We feel we had a wonderful day and yes we are enjoying an after dinner coffee.  The day is now complete.  It is now 8 o’clock and we are going to bed.  Talk tomorrow.   

Dianne Pelletier

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  1. Thanks for posting your sure accomplished a lot today......hope the cement dries quickly for you!