Monday, July 19, 2010

Mississippi Mission

Mississippi Mission 2010 Participants:

  • Emily Anderson-Brodie
  • Lee Garrett
  • Kerstie Millar
  • John Yeaman
  • Laura Pelletier
  • Heleena Howsam
  • Jodie Schuyler
  • Breanna Piney
  • Patrick Wattman-Mackie
  • Doug Watson
  • Juli Conard-Myers
  • Bill Conard
Departing August 14, 2010, these 12 participants will be driving to Biloxi, Mississippi where they will be working with Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Gulf Coast in an effort to help re-build from the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina almost 5 years ago. 

We are currently seeking donations for sponsorship, and holding an ongoing penny drive to help raise funds to offset the travel expenses of the trip.  If you are interested in contributing financially to help the GS Mission Team in its latest venture, please contact any of the members or email for more details.

The team will be participating in a memorial service for Hurricane Camille as we will be there during the 31st anniversary of Camille making landfall (August 17, 1969).  We will also be in Biloxi, a mere week from the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (August 29, 2005).  We will be visiting both memorials while in Biloxi.

Please stay tuned for our itinerary, and updated blogs while we are away working.

Many thanks for your continued support!


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