Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 1 - Home to Cave City, KY

So the day started out exciting with everyone anticipating an awesome trip - we were on the road around 8:30 in our 12 passenger "party bus".  The drive is gonna be tight - but we will definately all know each other by the end of the trip!

We ran into a huge delay at the border where we were crossing in Sarnia.  The wait was over 1 1/2 hours to get over the bridge and to customs.  Long story short, we were detained at customs until after 5pm last night. After much delay and a re-route and a plan hatched by the team that was a little in the grey area, we crossed the border shortly after 6pm - some 6 hours after we arrived at the border.  Nevertheless, we have a story and an experience that will stay with all of us forever.  Thankfully, the good Lord knows that our intentions are good and our Mission is important!  Needless to say, it was a very stressful experience for everyone, but a HUGE celebration broke out in the "party bus" once we were granted entry into the US.

Our hotel arrangements were cancelled - as we didn't know how far we would make it - but we are troopers and drove until 2:30am (your time) to Cave City, Kentucky where today we will be visiting Mammoth Caves National Park as our "free day" activity.  We have crossed a one hour time difference and are on central time now for the rest of our trip.  Everyone crashed - and was thankful for a safe and eventful day!

The members of our GS Mission Team for Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Gulf Coast are:
Emily Anderson-Brodie
John Yeaman
Laura Pelletier
Lisa Mantifel
Doug Watson
Lee Garrett
Pat Wattman-Mackie
Breanna Piney
Jodie Schuyler
Kerstie Millar
Bill Conard
Juli Conard-Myers

Thank you for your continued prayers, and support (apparently we really need it!)...


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