Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 3 - Montgomery Alabama to Biloxi Mississippi

After a wakeup and a quick breakfast at the hotel (with a waffle machine that was way more complicated than it needed to be), we were well on our way on the road again.  We made good time only stopping once at the state line of Mississippi for a washroom break and a picture at the "Welcome to Mississippi" sign.  And finaly after the last 4 hours of our 23 hour drive, we arrived at Camp Victor.  After a quick tour of Camp Victor we made our way to the beach for a quick swim, and managed to make it out with only 3 jelly-fish stings and a bit of unexpected rain.  Lisa got into a fight with a jelly fish and we all know what happens when you get stung by a jelly fish!  Bill was the lucky guy!!!  And it worked!  Other than a few red whelts, the swelling and sting is gone!

All in all it has been a good day!  Oriantation will be at 5 o'clock, and dinner shortly after that-- I think we're having Pasta.  Then to bed soon, becuase it's our first 6am wakeup call of the week tomorrow. 

We will be working in Pascagola, about 1/2 hour from here, where we will be working on a re-furbishing program and rebuilding existing homes according to the new building code.  Will have pictures and an update tomorrow.

Lee and Juli

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