Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 6 - Work in Pascagoula

Today was stifiling hot!  It was pushing 110 degrees - and when you are working up in the rafters it was certain to be over 120 degrees!  We wore bandanas to keeep the sweat from dripping into our eyes.

Again we started our day at 6am and were to the work site by 8am and ready to go.  Today was a lot of finishing jobs that were hard to see progress with.  Doug and John worked with re-aligning the fascia along the roof and putting up the finishing fascia for most of the day. 

Laura, Breanna and Emily went to 2 finished homes are were the clean up crew.  They are working with Mark -  a real southern comedian! 

Pat worked on hammering the rest of the roof down and getting the tar paper on it and ready for shingles tomorrow.  Kerstie and Jodie framed in an interior wall.  Lee finished the blocking on the inside roof trusses.  Bill worked on the roof and perfected the roof line angles - we had a roof inspection today - so it was all hands on deck to get the roof ready to pass inspection so we can continue with shingling tomorrow. 

Lisa and I built a "rat run" on the inside roof trusses and reinforced the trusses the full length of the house with a "v" on both sides...a very tedious and HOT task.  For a couple of girls we did a great job...all but one seam, which got the better of us and where only 2 nails should have been 6 now reside!  It was pretty funny...but exhaustion does crazy things to you!!!

Doug says "It was a very rewarding day today...we got a lot of work work done, and accomplished so much.  It is great to have a full day of work in, hurt at the end of it, and feel like you have accomplished something.  This is definately a 'young mans' job!  And I am feeling it, in my arms, my hands, my legs and my fingers!!!"

We did finally get our van fixed - we have 2 new tires - and an alignment...good to go!  Bill took the van into the shop today and while it was getting fixed he got a Mississippi haircut...which as he tells the story, sounds like quite an experience! 

Since we have been here, I think 6 pairs of sunglasses have gotten broken - Bill has broke 3 himself, one of mine, one of Lisa's and one of Tim's (who isn't even here with us) he also picked up new sunglasses for himself ...only to return to the work site and both Lisa and I broke ours today!  This is not a good trip for sunglasses!!!

Work finished slightly early today, as all the contractors had a staff meeting, so in our wet, sweaty and stinking clothes we went to the Gator Ranch and everyone held an aligator, hiked the bayou, and went on an airboat tour through the swamp.  It was pretty amazing, and a once in a lifetime oppertunity for most of us.

We had supper at the infamous "The Shed", who boasts the best ribs in all of the USA.  We all tend to agree that they have the best "rack" in the world!  We had 2 friends from Baton Rouge come to meet us for supper - they drove over 2 hours to come and see us.  Kara and Courtney worked with us last year when our team came to work with Habitat, and we have stayed in touch over the last year.  It was so great to see them!  Also, one of the supervisors that we have been working with, Mark/Ralph/Steve (no one knows his real name) came along too to show is thanks for us coming so far to help his community.  It was a great night...and we all over ate for sure!


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