Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 7 - Work in Pascagoula

Hottest day yet!  115 degrees, and of all things to tackle on a day like today - we shingled 3/4 of the roof on a house that is built on stilts 14 feet off the ground!

Our day started again at 6am, and we were to the work site by 8am.  Because we did most of the "hidden" jobs yesterday, we got to tackle the stuff that is visible and makes it look like you had a productive day.  So we worked in groups to shingle the roof once everyone passed the "shingles test".  Doug, John and I did one side of the house.  Bill, Lisa, Pat did the front side of the house.  Lee was a seam cutter on the corners.  Kerstie and Jodie handed up all the shingles onto the roof. 

The cleaning crew; Laura, Emily and Breanna all went to clean 2 more houses with 2 local ladies who were finishing their "sweat equity" with today being their last shift.  Now that they have completed their 250 sweat hours, they have to take a few mandatory courses that Habitat offers.  For instance they might be courses on financial management, homeowners management and family planning.  Once they have completed all the set our requirements by Habitat they will be able to move into their home.  They were pretty excited, as they have been working for a year now to complete their required hours.

The afternoon, as it got up to 115 degrees, really got the better of a few of us.  We moved to shingle the front and side of the house we were on ladders and perched on the roof.  Both Doug and I got what we call the "black blink"  which happens right before you either passout or go down with heat exhaustion/dehydration.  It comes on really fast, and when it hits, you get to the ground as fast as you can.  Pat experienced it later in the day too.  Everyone was drinking oodles of water, but we sweat more than we were drinking for most of the day.  Needless to say, everyone couldn't wait to submerge in the ocean to help bring our body temperatures down to a normal range again.  Each person drank about a gallon of water today, and hardly anyone peed all day - that just shows you how much we each sweat!

We must have done more than what they were expecting us to accomplish this week as they had to order more supplies and matierals to have at the worksite for us for tomorrow so that we have something to do.  Everyone is working so well together as a team and really enjoying each others company and friendship.  We are all really lucky to have each other here...we have become quite a team and we work very effeciently together! 

Half of the group stayed and had dinner at Camp Victor (chili dogs and mac and cheese) and Bill-asaurus, Lis-asaurus, Doug-asaurus, John-asaurus and I all went to Aunt Jennies for supper.  This is an all-you-can-eat local shrimp and catfish restraunt.  Doug might have been fascinated with Bill's 8 plates of shrimp and catfish...the waitress couldn't wait to see us go!  I guess Canadian's don't have the oppertunity to eat like that anywhere at home!  Basically, we ate the place out of shrimp...and catfish...and hush puppies...and sweet potatos!  Now we are all so full and bloated we will have to roll into bed!

Go team!


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