Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 5 - Work in Pascagoula Mississippi

Wake up call at 6am, breakfast, packed lunch, loaded the van and on the road by 7:30am.  We were on the worksite and rearing to go by 8am.  Today was a big work day - we had to make up for lost time yesterday!  It was sunny, and hot today 92 degrees plus humidity - was well over 100 degrees today!

We started off completing the third story of scaffolding, so that a team could nail the sheets of pressed board onto the roof.  In the hot, direct sun - Doug, Jodie, Lisa, and Kerstie hammered for the entire morning. Pat worked on the inside of the roof line putting in center supports at the peak.  John and Bill tied the new structure and the old structure of roofing together - in a small tight space.  Lee and Laura went to work with Joe and they went to 3 finished homes (where people are already living) and crawled under the homes into the crawl spaces to take measurements to see if the beams were bowing or not.  It was a post construction inspection of some kind.  Lee blocked all afternoon - reinforcing each truss on the inside roof - a very tedious job where he had to hang like a monkey to hammer the blocks in place.  I was the cutter today did all cuts on the chop saw and the circular saw for all the different projects that were taking place. 

Laura, Emily, Breanna went with Mark/Steve/Ralph (he won't tell anyone his real name) and went to a finished home that is almost ready for a family to move into, and they cleaned it - washed baseboards, cabinetry, vaccuumed and cleaned the house of all dust so that it will be ready for a family to move in.  Breanna and Emily finished putting all the strapping on the inside walls to the trusses - I think each girl probably put in a couple hundred nails each today!  And guess what????  EMILY SWEATS!!!  For someone who has never sweat before - she was just as shocked as we were when she discovered that her shins were sweating!!!

In the afternoon  a problem arose with the fascia board on the end of the house - for some reason it didn't align with the roof line, so Pat, Lisa, Kerstie and Jodie had to take off the fascia board and raise it up and re-tack it so that the roof line could be attached to the house.  Everyone had a job for the whole day - there wasn't any down time - as as we got to clean up time it started to sprinkle and then we had a torrential downpour - so everyone got soaked on top of their sweat and dirt! 

We did get the van into the shop and the tires have been ordered - we will be having them installed tomorrow while we are at work - thank goodness!

The rain doesn't last long here but it is scattered all the time and you never know when it will come again - we went to the beach right after work (since we were wet anyway) - Pascagoula has just finished their re-furbish of their waterfront since Katrina, so we went to check it out.  A quick swim, with the crabs...and a very entertaining faceplant by Kerstie and we headed home to clean up for the night.

Dinner tonight was red beans and rice and carrots with a garden salad.  A typical southern dinner.  Everyone is exhausted and is sure to have an early night!  Another big day tomorrow!

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